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February 26, 2023

If you cultivate this, you will have a loyal following for a long time. Ultimately, your income will grow, and you’ll create a thriving affiliate marketing business that’s poised for longterm success. One of my first memories of a successful YouTube SEO project is when I was working at an agency. We have a client who sells alcohol online and they have these great cocktail making videos. Despite the high quality and engaging content of the videos, they didn’t rank well and didn’t get the traffic and views that customers were hoping for.

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This was my chance to test my YouTube video optimization skills and I did Panama Phone Number List my best. Sure enough, after implementing everything I knew about YouTube video SEO, rankings skyrocketed and traffic to the client’s YouTube channel (and their website skyrocketed as brand awareness increased. After a while, the industry knows this is the brand with the coolest cocktail videos. Even before I joined Similarweb as an SEO Manager, video had become a huge thing in online marketing. When we got into the habit of making videos, people would come to me with all sorts of SEOrelated questions, as you can see below.

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I know how to answer most of the questions, but to be honest, some of them never BT Leads  occurred to me. So I collected the questions, and together with our video marketing expert, Robin Morley, I dug up all the answers to these clever questions and created a complete guide to YouTube SEO for companies. So I’m here to share with you everything we’ve learned from our experience and investigation. Get our expert advice on literally everything you need to know to rank well for your videos on YouTube. What is YouTube SEO and why is it important? YouTube SEO is the process of improving the content of a YouTube video to increase its visibility when people search for that topic on YouTube (and Google.

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