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March 6, 2023

Introduction Retraining will allow you to quickly master theory and hone your knowledge in practice in no time. Additionally, you will not only understand how online education works, but also consider the educational process from a student’s point of view. Recommended to pass: Coursework by distance course, you will learn over one year how to create online and offline educational products and design courses for a portfolio. You will become familiar with learning theory and educational technology, and understand how different design algorithms are used to design courses. You’ll figure out how to take tests, tasks and tasks that test knowledge, and think about systems for assessing them.

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Learn how to prepare classes for speakers, organize webinars, and motivate students to Morocco Phone Number List learn. You’ll develop several soft skills: public speaking, time management, production, conflict resolution, and more. The school also organizes practical workshops and consultations with HR experts Price: ₽ Our articles will help you learn more about the professional training program: Online Courses Methodologists Self-study the profession Selected material How and where career development With In time, you’ll feel like you’ve outgrown your position and are ready to move on. You will have a variety of career paths: On the career ladder. Methodologist qualifications and professional successful work experience will allow you to develop into a senior methodologist and then director of methodology at an online school.

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Canceling was a curiosity

To take on a management position, you need to possess strong management skills and BT Leads a willingness to take responsibility for the success of the entire educational program. In order to systematize methodological knowledge and improve project management skills, take part in the Online School’s Methodology Director program in the relevant field. Now that you know the ins and outs of distance learning, it’s time to delve into the development of offline courses. Another option is to retrain as a producer of educational projects. Knowing the market and a professional circle of acquaintances will help you start your own online school.

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