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The main task of a designer is to first study the needs of users and then based on this information, design and create an intuitive interface for websites, applications, online accounts and any other digital product. Designers know how to do usability and testing, which can allow you to better understand the needs of users of educational content and determine whether a digital product meets their expectations and needs. The specialist also renders prototypes, animates and buttons, and designs user-friendly interfaces. How much money does he make. The average salary of a novice designer is reported to be in rubles.

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Where to study professionally. If you want to become a strong UI Tongliao Mobile Numbers List designer, we recommend reading this article: Where to study design: Where to learn more about the profession, with paid and free courses and other helpful resources. Read more about the nuances of the job in What a Material Designer Interface Designer does. Editors Editors are responsible for the textual content of educational projects. This expert not only writes or edits texts, but understands how they can be used to solve business problems and help consumers of digital products. What exactly does it do. Depending on the project, the editor’s tasks may vary.

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He can write texts from scratch or edit ready-made material, check BT Leads facts, find and interview experts. Often in educational projects, complex educational materials need to be provided to students: explain complex terms, give real examples, etc. Therefore, the main task of the editor is to present the material in such a way that the students understand everything. The editor also brings together a group of authors and divides the workload among them. Such experts plan tasks, approve content plans, and interact with marketers, designers, and teams of experts. How much money does he make. According to reports, the average salary of an editor is estimated in rubles. Where to study professionally.

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