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March 6, 2023

A trader nees to have a good understanding of the market, analyze events that may affect the value of an asset and calculate the possible consequences of a trade. Therefore, he spends most of his working time on analysis: he reads the news and studies the price charts of assets. Imagine this: a company issues shares of stock, each value at rubles. The shares are then liste on the stock exchange. The trader who manages to buy the asset at the original price sets his price per share. Once one trader places a bet and the other agrees, a trade takes place.

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For example, one trader bids for rubles per share, while another trader buys the asset Oman Phone Number List at this price. So, the first earne rubles, the second now has a share, it should be understood that any marks must be justifie. The value of an asset is determine base on supply and demand in the market. In addition, prices are influence by sales volume, news reports, and other micro and macroeconomic factors. That is, if our trader sells a stock for rubles, and its real value in the market is rubles, it is unlikely that anyone will buy such an asset. One of the main tools of the stock glass trader is the trading glass. This is a summary table of securities buying and selling applications.

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Which reflects all current transactions: how much assets were sold and bought, and BT Leads at what prices. Anyone can learn to trade from scratch. There is a wealth of information on the web on how to track quotes, place orders, price assets and close deals. However, the best way to accurately understand the subject matter and place your first trades risk-free is to take a trading course. The Best Trading Courses for Beginners For those wondering how to learn to trade, we have selecte seven online courses.

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