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February 28, 2023

Another scenario where this tool is super useful is when you want to choose the main keyword for a piece of content. The Keyword Comparison Tool lets you refine your keyword performance analysis to pinpoint specific terms with the highest traffic potential. Screenshot of Keyword Comparison Tool showing comparison of traffic trends Screenshot of Keyword Comparison Tool showing comparison of visit trends Compare two (or more) similar keywords to see which gets more traffic. Compare that to the number of visits (second graph) to get an idea of ​​the value of exposure. Title: Contrary to other keyword generators and research tools, does not rely on fetching data.

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Keyword data on is collect independently at scale and through different methods. Because we Bolivia Phone Number List measure actual web activity. We can provide the most reliable and accurate metrics for research. Keywords are also not categoriz, but metrics for each specific keyword are shown. For example, when you use or other keyword generators, they don’t distinguish between singular and plural keywords. This is just an example. Snatch Organic Pages for Competitor Keywords This is a personal favorite. In a digital marketing intelligence platform, you can see your competitors’ top organic pages and the keywords that are driving them traffic.

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All you ne to do is enter your competitor (or competitors) and the tool BT Leads will generate a list with relevant traffic data. You see the keywords responsible for your competitor’s organic traffic and voila! You have some fresh ideas for other keywords that can help you outperform them. Make Generating Keyword Ideas a Habit What we’ve cover here is just a fraction of the work involv in creating a keyword list. Finding the right keywords to drive your strategy is no easy task. If you want to get top rankings on google, you ne to get serious. Beating your competition and convincing search engines is impossible without fresh, accurate data. Don’t just take our word for it.

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