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Mother’s Day On May , you don’t have to think so much about your strategies to increase sales , because this is one of the dates in the marketing calendar in which the products sell themselves. world internet day This is a relatively new addition to the community manager calendar , but on May , Internet Day, you can create posts to celebrate connecting with your audience. marketing dates Source: Pexels June We are already halfway through the year, and the marketing dates from now on are increasingly important. Father’s day In the marketing calendar there is also a space for the father figure.

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On June , people who have assumed parenthood with love and responsibility are Thailand Phone Number List celebrated. International LGBT Pride Day Speaking of marketing dates and important days for a digital marketing calendar , we have to mention June , a day that celebrates love, inclusion, and diversity. July In July you can take a short break and regain your strength, because there are few marketing dates to celebrate. Shipping companies in Peru: choose the option that will lead your business to success! We invite you to read this post logistics service worker ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE international friendship day This is an indisputable day in any calendar of important dates , so mark July as a date to celebrate one of the most beautiful relationships there is: friendship.

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August Although August is not a good month for many companies, the truth is that BT Leads  there are more than one marketing dates to take advantage of. world day of joy We recommend you include August , the World Day of Joy, in your marketing calendar . On this marketing date you can think of strategies to cheer up your customers and build their loyalty to your brand. international youth day August should also be on your calendar of important dates . Celebrating youth day can help you connect with one of the most relevant segments for any type of business, so it’s worth taking advantage of it.

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