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February 25, 2023

Healthier Populations Atlantic/Healthier Populations Population Health Pillar page. What makes it a pillar? This post from The Atlantic is widely referenced in this compilation of excellent pillar page examples, and rightly so. It uses a single American city as an example of the state of healthcare in the United States, uses a combination of text, graphs, and dynamic infographics to tell a story, and encourages readers to learn more by linking to other pages with compelling titles such as “The Culture Wars” More info Healthcare Edition” and “The Beauty of Shared Risk.” What do we like about it? Population Healthier is a study of how great page design can enhance user experience.

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Sections, dynamic infographics build on storytelling in copy. What can you Australia Mobile Number List replicate? Tell a story. Whether you’re writing about American healthcare or content marketing, find a way to produce Reader-centric narrative. Takes them on a journey from writing their first article to becoming a marketing machine, including all the pitfalls they may encounter, and helpful side quests subtopics they can venture to get more information. .AI Built-in/AI’s Pillar page on what AI is and what it does. What makes it a Pillar? As you can tell from the title, this page is absolutely dedicated to answering two big questions on one big topic what Is artificial intelligence.

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How does it work? From an explanation of the four types of AI to how Netflix uses AI to recommend BT Leads shows to its subscribers, this page covers everything you need to know about this increasingly popular technology and provides Plenty of links to further reading on site. What do we like about it? AI is a complex subject, so including a couple of embedded YouTube explainer videos is a welcome addition to the text and a way to provide more information while reducing duplication effective way.

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