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March 7, 2023

Expression emphasizes expressiveness, downplaying the calm minimalist interior. An example of expression: an unusual high-tech chandelier in a classic interior. Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE TO TECHNICAL JOBS Interior designers are a creative profession in many ways, but without an understanding of the technical terms, it can be difficult to realize all of your creative ideas. Consider frequently occurring technical words and phrases. Visualization is the presentation of a design project in a visual image.

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In short, visualization means that in addition to drawings, designers can create images Azerbaijan Phone Number List of the future design of the room. This helps to understand how the idea will look in reality, as well as count the amount of material and accurately communicate the design intent to the client. Water resistance is the ability of a material to resist water. An interior designer needs to know which materials are considered waterproof so he can avoid making mistakes when designing bathrooms and unheated spaces. Zoning is the division of a room into functional areas. For example, when you need to equip a room with a sleeping place, a work area and a children’s play corner, the designer identifies the areas and considers the design of each area individually, combined with the overall interior design.

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Microclimate is the climatic condition artificially created in a closed space. The microclimate BT Leads determines how comfortable a room is and how well it is protected from external climatic conditions. When developing a project, interior designers take into account the microclimate which is necessary for the correct division of rooms. For example, he chose a dry and ventilated room for the dressing room, and a room with good natural light for the living room. Measurements Accurately measure all the elements in the room and fix them in the drawings. Lighting is the use of light both indoors and outdoors for practical and aesthetic effect.

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