A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginner Podcasters

February 26, 2023

Keyword research tips for affiliate marketing success: Focus on your industry and the top competitors within that industry, and use a keyword generator to find additional keywords. Then assess the potential of the terms for your business or the supplier’s business. Consider seasonality, since in many business industries, keywords relate to time of year, holidays, or special sales periods. If you already have a keyword strategy in place, use the Keyword Gap Tool to determine which terms your competitors are getting more traffic for and your strengths.

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Keyword research should be an ongoing process to help you stay on top of trends and Thailand Phone Number List changes in keyword popularity and performance. You can create lists to monitor and track. Tip number : Ranking high on Google is one thing when considering search intent in your keyword research. Getting the traffic right is another matter. An important factor to consider when choosing keywords to target is search intent. Google’s algorithms evaluate search intent to deliver content that best answers the query a user has in mind.

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A single word in a longtail keyword can change search intent. Let’s look at BT Leads  an example: “Computer repair technicians near me” versus “Computer repair technician jobs.” The first person to search probably has a computer problem that needs to be fixed. Intent is commercial because searchers seek options to purchase services. In the second case, we can assume that the person entering this keyword is looking for a job opening. The purpose here is job hunting, so it has nothing to do with businesses that provide computer repair services. Use keyword research tools that provide reliable and accurate keyword data and identify correct intent. Screenshot of Similarweb’s Keyword Gap feature with search intent. Similarweb recognizes different search intents to help you target the exact keywords that will bring you the right traffic.

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