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February 28, 2023

Once you click on the Trending tab on the left, you’ll see the most viewed and most popular videos at that time. Dig deeper by refining your search using the search bar. But remember, an influencer who is popular now with an algorithm-based search engine might not be popular next week. Also, a viral video won’t have an impact. Engagement and creating consistent content is critical, so use the trending tab as a rough benchmark for the type of viral content, but take it with a grain of salt. Find Previously Sponsored Content Not every creator on Facebook wants to make money from sponsorships.

 Keywords needs to go deeper

So when you’re looking for influencers, you want to know who has Bahamas Phone Number List worked with or is currently working with the brand. Search your niche for hashtags like advertising or sponsorship to find brands to work with. You may find a lot of paid ads where influencers promote services or products for businesses similar to yours. Be aware of those you find selling products and services similar to yours, as they may also be successful in promoting yours. While you don’t necessarily have to work with an influencer that your competitors have worked with, you can use some of these ideas and influencer metrics to find similar influencers who might also be doing well. Meet Influencers at Webinars and Events Many businesses look for influencers online.

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Removing the branded industry

But there are also many live webinars and events where influencers BT Leads meet. Attending these events can help you network with influencers, meet them face-to-face, and give you the opportunity to learn more about them first-hand. Many of them want to work with brands, so there’s a good chance you’ll find the ideal partnership for your business. Here’s a list of 2019 influencer webinars and marketing events you should check out. Collaborate with influential institutions If you don’t have the time or resources to do the research yourself, you can use something like or Influencer agency. They can help you with tracking, target audiences, influencer matching, content creation, and all aspects of managing your influencer campaigns.

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