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March 7, 2023

Purposefully allocate half an hour or an hour in your scheule to expand your horizons; choose reliable sources In the alleys of the Internet you can find anything, but no one is responsible for the accuracy of the information. Be sure to check the broadcast specialist’s qualifications and don’t turn off the critical thinking filter. In order not to waste time looking for suitable materials throughout, scroll down and select courses and books you are intereste in immeiately to broaden your horizons. We divide them into categories History, Politics and Economics. Religion and philosophy. natural science. movies and music literature.

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Art and creativity. fashion and design. Daily tips from digital tutors right in Japan Phone Number List your Telegram! Subscribe channel subscribe to top eucational courses for adults and kids Learning should be fun, so we offer you modern and fun lessons on our interactive platform, not strict teachers and boring lectures. We’ve selecte several online programs that will be of interest to both adults and teens. History, Politics, and Economics It’s neither awkward nor too late as an adult to start learning history and understanding the economic terms and political ideologies that will be useful to high school students in the classroom and on state exams. Welcome to enroll in the following courses.

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World History Course During the course, you will fill in the gaps in your BT Leads knowlege of world history, learn how to analyze information and its reliability, and broaden your horizons. History here is not just a dry series of facts and dates, but a holistic canvas of interconnecte causes, events, and consequences. Together with scientists from the Higher School of Economics, at In a month, you will figure out how the history of the ancient East began and what the civilization of our time is like, the result of the training will be an article about one of the historical figures in the century Russian History Extreme Era Through two-hour lectures, you will get acquainte with Russian history of the last century.

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