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To better The success of your email marketing campaign is also bas on the satisfaction of your customers it is unthinkable to take advantage of some problem in their email inbox. Automat reminder messages have a high response rate, much higher than regular reminder apps. So when email addresses stop working or API (Application Programming Interface) connections have problems, it’s time to contact you. . Update incentive email One of the most underrat and underus practices in SaaS companies is the early trial upgrade if during the -day free trial, the customer finds value already on the third day, there is no reason to wait for the end of the trial to propose the purchase of the service.

It's all about identifying customers

Who are ready to upgrade and then proposing and urging the immiate upgrade, perhaps convincing them through a special promotion. It is not easy web designs and development service to identify customers interest in speing up conversion and purchasing the service, but tracking their behavior through the activation of key events is a good strategy. Free trial reactivation email On the other hand, however, there will be people who are not yet completely convinc after days and who will ne further time to test, verify and evaluate the purchase. Be wary of those looking for free services, but at with excessive haste and superficiality those who really ne more time.

The same time do not exclude

Remember the expiration of the trial period , track the user’s behavior and possibly propose an extension of the trial period if he is really interest in purchasing. Email marketing trends Return to index BT Leads Designing email marketing campaigns is not easy. By reading and following the advice in this guide, it will be easier and more accessible to obtain the desir results from the email marketing campaign for your SaaS company. There are many tips to take inspiration from to personalize your email marketing campaign and cultivate the lead so that it becomes a customer.

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