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February 25, 2023

An in-depth study conducted by Briggsby found that the following four factors are most correlated with rankings Watch Time Channel Authority Positive Sentiment and Engagement Broad Match Keyword Targeting Across Title, Description, and Keyword Tags To summarize: Keywords For Your Video SEO Strategy very important. While tags aren’t the main focus, they support keywords in titles and descriptions so YouTube can more accurately identify content and send you relevant, high-quality traffic. What tags should you use? YouTube has over 100 million users. In order to reach your target audience, the spray technique where you distribute your content as widely as possible until it reaches the right audience is completely inefficient.

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Audience targeting requires intense focus on your potential customers. tags help youtube Malaysia Phone Number List Match search intent and select the exact query your video answers. Following these five guiding concepts helps YouTube achieve this goal: .Everything is in Relationship The first rule is to align keywords in the tags with keywords in the title and description. YouTube identifies related keywords that appear in various locations. When you feed it multi-topic terms, you’re creating confusion. So, don’t try to cover every aspect of the video. Build tags around your main keywords. Keep them centered and provide context on the intended message of the video focus keyword first The first tab is reserved for your focus keyword, which also appears in the title and description. This way, you can ensure that your keywords get the attention YouTube needs.

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The video tag is like a short meta description. In written content, you would BT Leads place the focus keyword in the main title, subtitle, meta title and possibly the description. .The more tags, the better There is no limit to the number of tags you can use on a video. Briggsby research shows that keywords with two to three words are your best bets. It also shows that the optimal total number of characters is between and that performing best with tags. The numbers don’t quite add up, so you’d better use common sense when it comes to the number and length of tags.

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