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February 26, 2023

Improve Ad Quality What is it? Ad Quality is a metric Google uses to evaluate the user experience of an ad. It takes into account how relevant your ad is to your target keyword, how likely it is for a user to click on it, and how well your landing page aligns with your ad and user intent (among several other factors. The quality of your ad directly affects your ad’s impression share. Why does it work? Google wants to show searchers the most relevant ads. To achieve this, it uses ad quality as a primary factor when evaluating ads. So, if two ads are competing for the same position, Google Ads will choose the ad with the higher Ad Quality Score. In fact, Google may not show lowquality ads at all, or show them in less prominent places.

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How can you replicate it? You can improve the quality of your ads by: Using relevant Nepal Phone Number List keywords in your ad copy Optimizing your ad headlines and copy for clicks Improving your ad positioning Make sure your ad’s landing page is consistent with its core message. . Optimize for relevant keywords What is it? Keywords are the backbone of any advertising strategy, and Google is no exception. You can use the following keyword types when optimizing your Google ads. Broad match: Google shows your ad to broad keyword searches that are directly or indirectly related to your primary keyword. Phrase match: Google will show your ad for search phrases that mean the same as your target keyword.

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Exact match: Google will show your ad for searches that exactly match your keywords. Why does it BT Leads  work? Broad and phrase match keywords help your ad get the widest reach. However, their accuracy is low. Exact match keywords have high accuracy, which means that Google only shows them to the most relevant searchers. But they impress you less. How can you replicate it? To increase your share of impressions and still get relevant traffic, use a combination of broad match and exact match searches. Pro Tip: Use SimilarWeb’s intelligence to find the keywords your top competitors are using to improve the accuracy of your own ads. Use Similarweb to find better keywords.

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