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The anchor’s salary. The advantages and disadvantages of the anchor’s career. The skills required by the anchor. Seven. The personal characteristics of the anchor. Main content Who is the streamer and what does he do When you hear the word streaming, you immediately think of computer games. In fact, the first streamers made millions of dollars doing it. But today, streaming isn’t just about live broadcasts. Translated from English is streaming video, that is, live broadcast. The anchor broadcasts live on the Internet. For example, he can complete a game level, pick out a winter jacket in a store, or install a program on his laptop, film it with a video camera and show it to the audience in real time.

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Streamers develop channels and attract subscribers on streaming platforms, or social Netherlands Phone Numbers List networks. The anchor reminds the audience of the live broadcast in advance announce the date and theme, and then start the broadcast at the designated time. Live broadcasts can last for hours, and the host is communicating with the audience throughout the live broadcast. This is how he keeps the audience’s attention. Cooking streams, beauty product reviews, travel and movies, syndicated broadcasts with several bloggers or experts, and conversations with subscribers are popular these days. In general, you can broadcast anything that is not legally restricted and that is of interest to your audience.

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How is broadcasting different from similar professions? Don’t confuse streamers BT Leads with bloggers, or commentators There are significant differences between these people. Although bloggers are online, they also film stories or write posts and publish them on their social networks. Typically, a blogger’s live broadcast lasts no longer than two hours and is not considered a primary content type. Instead, bloggers go live not only to talk to their followers, but also to diversify their content.

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