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All of these stories are written in the same style and unite by a common brand idea, and IKEA successfully uses different formats and platforms to communicate them. In the example year, Toshiba launche an advertising campaign for a new air conditioner in Russia, but not in a simple advertising campaign, but in the form of a cartoon. In this visual story, the professor invents the world’s first split system, inverter air conditioner and air purifier Toshiba advertising cartoons are place on public transport and on the pages of magazines.

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A visual story doesn’t have to be an expensive, large-scale project. Sometimes, throwing Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List together. A simple collage of photos in a website is enough to convey an idea to consumers. But no matter the form, storytelling is base on certain rules. We will discuss them further. Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Subscribe Channel Subscriptions How to Build a Visual Story Visual storytelling is not only entertaining but also a form of selling content, so it should have a specific and measurable marketing objective make the brand more recognizable, increase customer loyalty, attract new customers, etc. Any story should include three elements a protagonist, a character or characters that consumers can easily associate with; and a problem or task that the conflicting protagonist nees to solve.

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This is the driving force behind the story; the action is the development of events. How the BT Leads hero solves the problem, how he wins or loses. In terms of structure, visual stories are not that different from textual stories. First, we introduce the protagonist to the audience. Then we ask him questions, and finally, we draw conclusions base on the success of the hero’s actions. There are no restrictions on the use of words in visual material, but it is understood that. The meaning of the story is read from the pictures rather than from the written description.

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