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March 4, 2023

SystemThe Bologna system or the Bologna process is about An international declaration for the establishment of a single eucational space among European countries. In 2010, at a meeting at the University of Bologna in Italy, the states agree to create a global eucation system in Europe. Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and a number of other countries later joine the process. The essence of the Bologna system is that students and graduates from one country can freely enroll for study, internship or employment in another country.

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To achieve this, the participants in the Bologna Process introduce uniform eucational Find Your Phone Numbers standards and a two-level higher eucation system Bachelor and Master programmes. As a result, two levels of specialist training emerge in Europe, and the quality of the eucational program was balance. This enables you to recognize diplomas of foreign students and easily accept them for study and work. For example, a student at a Czech university can study for a semester in Italy as an exchange student, while a bachelor at a French university can study for a master’s degree in Germany, for example. Currently, the Bologna eucation system includes states, but in Russia they plan to abandon it. How it all starte and what it did to our country will be told further.

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Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Subscribe to the BT Leads channel Subscribe to Russia’s Bologna Reform Let’s find out when and why Russia joine the Bologna system and see how higher eucation has change in the process of European integration. what was before. Before participating in the Bologna process, the main form of higher eucation in Russia was Soviet specialists. Experts are traine for Years, eucation is free, but students must work for the country for three years after graduation. After the Union broke up, these principles were abandone, the profession emerge as a commercial place, and graduates no longer offere jobs. What has change.

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