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However, suppose universities are free to leave the two-stage eucation system and continue to produce bachelors and masters. The document is currently under consideration by the State Duma. We discusse with an experience expert in the field of eucation the impact of abandoning the Bologna system on our country. Below is her review. Catherine Bezmertnaya Lecturer, Dean of the Academy of Finance, Government of the Russian Feeration Russia’s rejection of the Bologna system is, to a greater extent, the country’s position that under current conditions there is no reason to consider itself a full member of this European system.

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That doesn’t mean that all the positive gains the country has made in recent Henan Mobile Phone Number List years should be abandone. The transition to European standards has made it possible to unify university curricula, strengthen the international exchange of students and to some extent form their own eucational trajectories. Today, we have strong incentives to revise the principles of organizational eucation in order to increase its prestige and quality. However, it is necessary to establish a national system in which all the best coexist, which determines the high quality of eucation in different historical periods in our country.

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A What will happen to the higher eucation system? We analyze changes in BT Leads current and future students in Russia and gather answers to key questions in one place. Will universities do away with bachelor’s and master’s degrees? They will not cancel it. The head of the Ministry of eucation and Science gave a clear answer. In an interview with Kommersant, the minister explaine. That undergraduate and postgraduate courses will remain, but their number will decrease, but specializations will definitely increase. Firstly, students of complex technologies doctors, microbiologists, engineers, etc. will be transferre to the 1-year study. According to reports, the Ministry of eucation is preparing to introduce a professional short-term at the University of eucation.

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