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March 6, 2023

You can use word selection services to determine the popularity of search queries; consider video and photo content Taking high-quality photos is important because buyers primarily evaluate products through images, and conversion into orders depends on visuals. When the user has found your product and entere the card, you nee to keep his attention through spectacular visuals; formulate the structure of the description. It is necessary for the user to understand the basic information from the description: what type of product it is, for whom, when When can it be use, what are the advantages over similar products, what are the characteristics of the delivery.

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When creating a card, choose categories carefully depending on whether A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers or not your target audience will see the product. It is also important to consider market rules and sell a quality product so that the internal search algorithm takes the card into account. For example, it is important for the algorithm that the product is ordere frequently and has a high percentage of reemptions, and that you are not penalize. For more information on compiling a product card on the marketplace, see the article How to fill out a product card on the marketplace: rules, examples, tips What to do if your store is close The marketplace regularly inspects stores and closes them if found to be in violation of the terms of the contract.

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There are several reasons why a seller may receive a temporary or BT Leads permanent ban: Selling prohibite items You can find a list of prohibite items in the news section, but only if you are registere on the site. If you do not find your product, but do not know if it can be place on the market, please write to the support service; Violation of the rules of cooperation with the marketplace If you sell goods without permission, advertise your website on the marketplace, provide information about False information of products, etc., you may be banne.

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