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March 6, 2023

Work in one project management software to collaboratively bring your team together on a single offer. Have the offer mapped out first; then from that, assign the copy to your writer, and promo images to the designer. “I use Clickup to map out my monthly offers on a single board, and from there, am able to collaboratively tag everyone with the assignment i.e. email sequences, -day promo image pack , and track in one place. clickup “I used to piece-meal or email the pieces out, and it was mayhem. Now, one single source of truth and working big-picture from the inside out to manage the Black Friday offer has changed the game for me.

Depending on your strengths

Drive traffic through product category optimization Steve Wiideman “One of the most Indonesia Phone Number List powerful ways to drive organic traffic for ecommerce businesses is through product category optimization.“Let’s take a look at Bob’s Watches, for example the Used Rolex Submariner category, to be precise. You can see that this is optimized in a number of ways, including: A short summary for Featured Answer-readiness Proper hierarchy of H , H tags Faceted navigation limited in refinement parameters Tables of contents below the products with supportive topics Tables, charts and unique images are used not just paragraphs of content High definition images that aren’t already in Google’s image database.

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Maximized use of markup, such as FAQ page, Product, and ImageObject bob’s BT Leads watches Improve the performance of your website Audrie Tando “Make sure your website is performing its best for the Black Friday event. A swift load time is something your customers would anticipate, but not just that they could even rely on it to find a deal and make the purchase. “With a conversion rate of to , the ideal loading time for ecommerce websites is zero to four seconds. If the user is waiting any longer than that, they might start to back out of their purchases meaning your number of transactions and your conversion rate will go down.

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