Types of inbound links, details and how to use them in SEO

Types of inbound links, details and how to use them in SEO. Inbound links have always been a very important factor in search engine positioning . With Google Penguin 4.0 they still are. Discover all the types of links that you should take into account to improve the SEO of your website and how to use them in your strategy.

Important factors in links

Important factors in links URL where the link is placed. A very important factor of the links is where they are going to be placed. Therefore,. Therefore, in what area of ​​the website they are going to place them. It is not the same to place our link in a remote internal area email leads . Therefore, of ​​the website where it has no visibility or users, as to place our link on the main page of the website where there is maximum visibility and maximum number of users browsing.

How to get links for SEO

How to get links for SEO. Directories are websites without content, they are websites that only host links. For this reason, all its categories are destined to contain more and more links from the different websites that fit those themes. In the past, directories worked very well. Therefore, and were a valuable resource for link building. However, due to the obvious, they began to BT Leads be considered link farms. Therefore, in addition to being considered websites with duplicate content, because webmasters entered their websites with the same description in all directories.

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