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Be prepare to deal with interruptions (this applies to both interviewer and interviewee) given the current working-from-home situation; everyone’s home situation is different and can pose challenges so it’s important to be mindful of that. We all remember that famous tv interview with an interrupting toddler. How to do a successful interview – online a note on communicating via video call experts say that speaking on a video call is very different and more difficult than natural human communication. And this might affect how successfully you think you have manage your interview. Speaking through a screen makes it harder to process non-verbal cues – like facial expressions and tone of voice – as well as there being a different flow of natural silences in the conversation. We are also more aware of being watche

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As you are looking at yourself while you are speaking. Read more about these issues on this story from the bbc website. 3. After the interview special data generally. At the end of an interview. The interview panel will outline next steps and a timeline to the process. Alternatively. This can be a question that you can ask the interviewer(s). Dropping a thank you email is always a nice touch. This is a useful way to keep you in the minds of the interview panel. And also show that you are passionate about this role. Follow up appropriately

When they will be in touch


In most instances. An interviewer will tell you when they will be in touch. If you are told there is a specific date that they will be contacting you. It is important that you wait until that date has passe before you make contact yourself. At that point a BT Leads gentle email saying hello will do no harm. If you have been unsuccessful in being offere a role. It is always important to ask for feeback. This is a great opportunity to find out areas that you can improve on. And will allow you to be better prepare for the next interview. Check out some of our videos in our career section including this one giving you top tips for interview success.

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