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Basically, the sales process, both on the Internet and in. Therefore, physical stores, involves 3 stages: Presales: planning process for the sale you want to make. Sale: analysis stage of the. Therefore, communication channels that you will use to communicate with your. Therefore, client, offer your product, payment methods and delivery of the product. After-sales: involves the delivery of the product, support, attention and customer loyalty. Throughout the phases, sales experts must develop strategies to address challenges and move the consumer through their purchasing journey in a safe , reliable and enjoyable way .


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Faced with the promising potential of online commerce, it is essential executive data that organizations master the. Therefore, main trends in ecommerce for 2023 such as: Personalization by adapting suggestions in terms of. Therefore, products according to the search results of each customer within the store. Use of marketplaces as essential tools to strengthen sales and strengthen relationships with customers. Sales through mobile devices—a Comscore study indicates that purchases through these devices will grow 21% this year. Adoption of new logistics models such as drop off (sender takes the merchandise to a point where the customer can pick it up) and pickup (pick up a product purchased online from the store). Use of various digital channels and strategies to promote the brand and the products it sells.

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Based on the list, we conclude that spreading a BT Leads product on the. Therefore, Internet is an emerging trend and, as such, we must investigate and know the most effective ways to launch it. Now that you have relevant data and. Therefore, information about the situation of online sales, you will discover what are the most efficient measures to spread a product on the Internet and achieve fantastic results in economic terms.

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