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For large industrial companies that are not in the field, it is more difficult to promote their business on the Internet. But for chat support and direct communication with customers, this one is great. advantage. The following is Key advantages of the business app: Messages from verified business accounts are marked with a green checkmark and users can easily distinguish them from normal messages; You can create and send automatic messages greetings, reminders and quick answers to questions; Statistics are available so you can see the effectiveness of your automated mails and messages.

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At the same time, enterprises can communicate with users through ordinary Czech Republic Phone Number List channels, but enterprise account chips are not available in this case. shortcoming. Only one type of application can be linked to a phone number: OR. Therefore, it is better to download the two applications on the mobile phone with two cards so that you can use two different numbers on the same device. In Viber, you can also promote business for this purpose, with a business profile. One of the distinctive features is the large number of options that can replace the customer support system of a small company and become another promotion and sales channel for a large company.

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Statistical data. Running in 10 countries and regions, the download BT Leads volume has exceeded 100 million times. The user opened the message in within the first three minutes after receiving the message. who is suitable. Media, bloggers, experts, e-commerce brands, logistics and financial companies, and official fan communities. Who is not suitable. Companies that care about the visual presentation of their products. In order not to lose your audience, you have to not only post photos, but also write posts. This makes posts easier for subscribers to find and increases engagement due to different types of content. advantage.

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