10 Digital Skills That Can Make Students Instantly

Discuss the role. And make the best impression. You must ensure everything is working beforehand. Test your wi-fi/broadband and ensure that you have a strong internet connection. If your wi-fi is not reliable. A tip is to hotspot off your mobile phone to ensure a steady connection. Have a backup plan if wi-fi fails during the interview: make sure you have share your mobile number with your interviewer and have their number as well in case you nee to call them. If a link has been share to join the interview. Make sure you see what might be neee to connect to it. For example. Some platforms may require you to install additional software and/or an app or use a particular browser. So make sure you have this done long before the interview is due to happen. Location: try to find a quiet space in your home and consider what will be visible in the background. You don’t want any doors open or distracting pictures on the wall.

Some platforms may require you to install additional software

Lighting: make sure you have good lighting in the room. Avoid sitting with a window behind you as this could cause some glare on camera. And don’t sit directly under a light source. You can find lots more tips on positioning yourself online. Like in this new york times article. Picture and sound: ensure that your camera and microphone on your laptop. Device. Or phone are both working correctly and that your equipment is either plugge in or fully charge! Carry out a test run with a friend or family member to ensure that you can be seen and heard. Clothes and makeup: try to dress appropriately for the interview while still being comfortable. It will help you feel more professional and.

Device Or phone are both working correctly

Remember. First impressions last! What to say: if this is your first interview with the company. Take the time to research carefully the business and role that you are interviewing for. Having research done will demonstrate your genuine interest in the role and help you find interesting questions to ask during the conversation. You could also have some questions ready about the company and role. Base on the research. Or even some standard questions that you have ready to go. Like from this list. Research: study the company’s about us page on its website as well as all its social meia platforms.

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