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Recently I have become interested in web development techniques other than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

 landscape, it was no surprise to discover that there are a number of alternatives to more conventional approaches to developing web applications.

You need to be familiar with some of the most popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress which is largely code-free. However, if you want to build web apps, such platforms may seem limiting.

to, a powerfuhat lets you build web apps like never before.

Here I introduce you

Without having to set up a custom usa telephone book programming framework, you can create anything from a marketplace to a social network to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) using Bubble.

It enables customers to create and customize their apps using an easy-to-use interface and point-and-click editor.

You can use it in conjunction with services that provide a REST API, such as Facebook, SQL, analytics, and payment apps. It allows users to spend time improving the functionality and appearance of their applications so that they look good on tablets and mobile devices.

It is suitable for all business sizes, from small to medium to large; and accessible for Windows, Mac, and the web.

With the growing no-code

Visual programming is basically what it sounds like. Instead of programming by hand by writing code, you do it graphically by clicking and dragging components onto pages.

Don’t be fooled by that short description.

It’s not like any other cookie cutter app or website building tool you’ve come across online. Most app builders require you to rely on basic templates with very limited functionality; they only allow you to develop certain types of apps and limit your personalization.

Although the idea of ​​”visual programming” and “drag and drop” seems easy in Bubble, it is extremely powerful.

Its visual BT Leads  programming environment not only lets you drag and drop elements like text, graphics, inserts and more onto a page, but it also lets you customize what those elements do .

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