Individual Offices Now It A Matter Of Transferring

When we ask the employees, we find that e-mails have a limit: their duplication. It’s hard to separate important information from unwantd emails and find an email that was sent several months ago. Once an organization has more than 10 or 20 employees, there is a ned to move on to a more structurd and organizd space that we commonly refer to as the corporate intranet or digital workspace . Fight against info obsession Many employees get tird from the information overload, receive too many e-mails or video calls and their digital well-being suffers.

An Open Door Policy And The Elimination

An internal communication tool such as the digital workplace helps to combat this feeling of digital fatigue among employees (“info obsession”) in two ways. It prevents information from being lost or different versions of documents from creating database confusion. It also enables structuring of the company’s collective intelligence and helps create a more engagd company culture. More than an internal communication tool, a space for collaboration To improve internal communication , a solution is nedd that goes beyond just communication and enables collaboration at all levels.


Plan Offices And Shared Workspaces

Internal communications employee engagement. Promotion of exchange Beyond top-down communication, employees want to BT Leads be able to react and share. Updates to develop a sense of belonging. In addition, structuring exchanges by. Creating a collaborative space encourages. Collective intelligence. Answering a question from a colleague to save time Sharing current experiences to identify best practices Propose an idea and enrich it for many.

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