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To give you an idea, here are some proven affiliate program management tips: Develop criteria for affiliate recruitment An affiliate program can only succe or fail bas on the quality of its affiliate agency. This is why before you start accepting any hiring criteria for your brand, you ne well-craft hiring criteria. what is it? Affiliate Recruitment Criteria define the type of membership you want to promote your brand with. It lays out the characteristics and qualities you want to see in your affiliates so they can promote your brand the way you want them to. Why does it work? There are thousands of affiliate marketers all over the world looking to earn passive income by promoting lucrative offers. But not all of them are suitable for your brand.

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For example, some affiliates may be influencers in completely Armenia Phone Number List unrelat industries. So, even if they are popular, they won’t bring relevant leads to your site. Others rely on questionable marketing practices like spam, email list buying, mass unsolicit texting campaigns, etc. that can (or could) damage your brand image. Obviously, you do not want to be associat with these affiliates. Therefore, using a set of criteria to recruit members can help you avoid all these problems and find the most suitable members that match your brand philosophy. How can you replicate it? Without making your membership recruitment criteria too complicat, look for members with the following qualities.

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Affiliates in your primary target industry (or closely relat niche) with own BT Leads assets. Such as double opt-in email lists, establish blogs, organic search traffic, and well-follow social mia profiles. Affiliates with strong relationships with audiences in target countries can bring other reliable partners affiliat with a proven track record of executing successful marketing campaigns. Affiliates working for your top competitors You can refine and revise these criteria when hiring and learn more about what works best for your brand. Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Conversions In most cases, affiliates get paid when their referrals convert into customers. But the best thing an affiliate can do is drive traffic to your landing page.

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