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March 6, 2023

When the ecommerce team set up the Black Friday page at /blackfriday , you risk someone searching for your brand Black Friday, and a dozen old versions cropping up potentially outranking the new one. That means potential customers land on a page with no or incorrect products, and you lose the power of any links that have been attaine previously. “The conclusion? Have one static URL for Black Friday as well as for any additional surrounding pages and things should perform better year on year”. Paid advertising will pay off Satarupa Banerjee “From beginning to end, your customer, how they value your product, and their user experience nees to be at the forefront of your mind and Black Friday strategy.

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This will help you win big. “Start by optimizing all relevant content, whether you Iceland Phone Number List have a focus Black Friday product selection or specific landing pages. Consider investing in paid meia to boost the visibility of those pages in the lead-up phase which should be around to weeks before the actual event week. “Whilst the cost-per-clicks CPCs might be higher on generic keywords during the event days and weeks, pushing with paid ads in the lead-up phase will improve visibility with less investment. And more visibility helps you to be top-of-mind with shoppers when the big day or days come round. “You can also use data analytics to optimize your spends, by pausing ads when certain products are out of stock, or day-parting when CPCs are high”. satarupi CPCs With Similarweb Digital Intelligence you can do a bunch of things.

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From viewing any keyword’s CPC or search volume, through to discovering BT Leads trends and info on how many clicks are driven by organic Vs paid. You can even find out who ranks and bigs for that term. Bundle up your products Lucas Pettinato “My best recommendation for ecommerce sellers is to consider ‘Product Bundling’ in their Black Friday plans. “This offer is perfect for an event like Black Friday as it benefits both shoppers and sellers alike. Customers get multiple items at a reuce price, while sellers gain exposure for their products and increase their average order value for the event.

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