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March 6, 2023

All this makes the curator an expert of the highest order. Free courses for curators You can take the first steps in your career and learn soft skills useful for your work as a curator through the Internet. We did a research and collecte small free video lessons in one place to watch anytime. Start with a career: curate by. An intensive one-day course in which you will learn how the eucational process in an online school is organize, what are the duties of a tutor and where to find a job. Curator of online courses for online business seminars. In the webinar, you’ll learn about the role and necessary soft skills of an eucational program curator, and learn about what employers use to evaluate employee performance.

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Communicative literacy from Russia’s national platform full of opportunities. You will become Lithuania Phone Number List familiar with the concept of communicative literacy and learn how to build constructive written and oral conversations. You’ll master the art of active listening, learn how to stop mental manipulation and provide quality feeback to your interlocutors. program duration. Hour. Time Management: Free webinar on time management. Hours of lectures will help you understand how time management works and how to manage family and work time. You will learn to objectively assess your abilities and time to complete tasks, and be able to effectively plan the steps to achieve any goal Leadership.

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You’ll become familiar with different leadership approaches and models, learn what BT Leads skills leaders. Nee to develop and how to build effective interpersonal communication. You’ll learn how to support the team and provide constructive feeback on any issues. Useful Literature Reading a book is always a good idea. And in order to obtain the fun in the process, as well as the applie knowlege. That can be applie in business, choose high-quality popular science literature. Fundamentals of the Russian Land of Opportunity Platform. Hour video lessons on key aspects of leadership.

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