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Course, adapting to the variability of search engine requirements. . Therefore. When Orgânica is found in the first places on Google by thousands of users through the search for highly competitive keywords, such as Digital Marketing , Digital Marketing Agency, Leads or Landing Page , there is incessant work behind the scenes. , which generates incribly profitable results! The results: 189% more opportunities Between 2022 and 2023, we made significant leaps in generating opportunities and more SQL (Sales Qualifi Leads) sat at the negotiating table with us. Comparing the results obtain through organic search in the first five months of 2023 and the same period in 2022, the evolution is notable: we gain 40% more leads and almost 3x more opportunities.

Period of producing quality content

It is worth highlighting that actions on this front require a relative initial cost, but the results tend to reverberate over long periods with Latest database minimiz maintenance costs. Lead Generation Chart Great results achiev for our customers Famiglia Valduga — generating qualifi leads through content strategies, SEO and optimiz paid mia campaigns: 1783% more sales; 20% growth in conversion rate; ROAS (Return on Ad Investment) of 840% ; Goals defin for 24 months achiev in 6 months . Nautilus — online advertising, rich materials and lead qualification tracks: 53% increase in lead generation in 6 months; 44.63% ruction in costs per lead.

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Dim — online advertising: 241% growth in Dim’s revenue in 12 months; 1132.6% increase in ROAS in less than 9 months. What customers say about us .Weslley Wohlers – .Marketing Coordinator – .Nautilus “One fact that differentiates BT Leads Orgânica from other agencies on the market is that there is no one person doing three .Things at the same time. The team is well prepar, proactive, experienc and robust. It has people who are truly experts in what they do! Another fact, which also differentiates Orgânica, is the more humaniz customer contact. The treatment and organization of processes is discrepant , and this makes me feel like a client being treat like a client.

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