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Before even knowing what are the main metrics that. Therefore, every producer should look at, it is necessary to differentiate them from KPIs. The key performance indicator (KPI) is what. Therefore, measures the performance of all the processes used by a company to achieve its initial objectives. So, the KPI is the indicator created from the metrics that shows whether your product or service managed to achieve the initial determined objective. Metrics, for their part, are clear, simple and objective ways to monitor and evaluate strategic processes. With them it is possible to measure the behavior of users on your pages. That is, they are indicators that show the person ‘s involvement in each campaign.


What is the cost of sales

A good metric is that: Punctual: that is, it is a result that arrives at the company data right time. Relevant: You need to show results that are really. Therefore, interesting and important to your business. Useful: it is necessary that. Therefore, the metric have some use at that specific moment of analysis. Simple: when you look at the results, you must understand what they are for. Therefore, it is important to use easy terms that help understanding. To better understand these differences, look at some examples of KPIs and metrics most used in e-commerce and digital marketing:

How is the cost of sales calculated

Time spent by the user on the site; Sales BT Leads conversion rate; Total revenue divided by total sales (average ticket);. Therefore, Number of subscriptions to a newsletter. Metrics: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC);. Therefore, Lifetime value (LTV); Return on investment (ROI); Rejection rate. Main digital KPIs If you want to achieve good final results, you must dedicate yourself to closely monitoring everything that happens in your business and on your website.

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