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 Instead of copying phone numbers, meeting times, emails, and responses to forms and contact forms into the system, an integrated CRM can do this automatically, eliminating a huge source of friction for the team. Deal tracking Hubspot CRM tracks what stage of the sales process each lead is in and stores it in the single record. As contacts progress along the journey , CRM allows sales to update what stage of the deal they are in, or it is done automatically. hubspot crm Content repository To help close more deals,

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A content repository that contains templates for communicating with prospects. Salespeople can create templates for emails, forms and more to standardize the sales process and save valuable time. Creation of reports Finally, an effective CRM – like Hubspot CRM – must aggregate sales data into actionable reports , so that marketing and sales can extrapolate trends and possible strategies and actions. Reports are essential to help marketing and sales teams achieve their goals .

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 Between sales teams and customers. Every interaction (email, phone call, meeting, etc.) is stored in the CRM, so that salespeople know when it is time to contact individual prospects. CRMs also offer the BT Leads ability to segment contacts into lists based on criteria such as location, business type, or company size. This is a fundamental support for sales, who can adopt the best strategies for each individual . Automatic data acquisition One of the key benefits of CRM software is the ability to automatically record communications between contacts and sales representatives.

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