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This affects employee productivity. Because no one can be expectd to do their best unless they know what is being askd of them. Solution: Develop policies and store them on your intranet First of all, the employees have to know when they should be available and via which mdia. There should be clear rules and processes so employees know who to report to and for what. The communication channels should be clearly defind. For example when to use Yammer instead of Teams or email instead of chat.

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By providing guidelines for remote work, confusion is avoidd. This allows employees to concentrate on their actual task. Second, communicate phone number list those guidelines and best practices to employees in a place they can see. An intranet is an ideal tool for this. It can ensure that employees receive the information given top-down. Because an effective intranet stores important guidelines for remote work and alerts employees to updates. Employee productivity challenge Challenge: Outdatd methods of assessing employee success Gone are the days when employee productivity was measurd by the number of hours they sat at their desk.

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The hybrid workplace is inherently more flexible. The assessment processes should take this into account. Solution: Update employee BT Leads KPIs Measuring productivity basd on tasks completd, goals achievd, or metrics achievd provides a much better insight into productivity. Employee productivity challenge Challenge: Not having the right tools The biggest challenge is that employees don’t have the right digital tools. This affects productivity both in the office and when working from home.

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