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February 28, 2023

You’ll also master spreadsheets and tools to simplify and spe up data processing. Price before discount Networking for Leading Internet Marketers Course As part of the annual course, you’ll develop key marketing skills in theory, then gain practice through a placement in the school’s partner program. After a month-long internship, you’ll return to training and complete extensive performance marketing courses. You’ll also learn useful marketing services to automate your day-to-day work Pre-discount Prices Marketing Manager Course The one-month training consists of modules.

Market research products

In the first module you will learn how to bring your products to popular Estonia Phone Number List marketplaces choose a marketplace, set up an online store and start selling. The second module is d icat to business development in the marketplace. You’ll learn how to enhance content and increase the effectiveness of in-house advertising, learn how to manage prices and assortments, and manage your promotional budget wisely Pre-discount prices Geek Brain Product Marketing Course In the annual course, you’ll learn how to create and marketing digital products that solve customer problems and generate profits for the owner.

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In-person interviews and visits

You will study audiences, test hypotheses, participate in advertising campaigns and BT Leads plan product development according to market ne s Pre-discount price Marketing Manager Course In one year you will learn how to turn your product into a bestseller on the Russian and foreign markets. You will learn how to create assortments and upload content to retail platforms, and you will be able to competently organize promotions and increase sales Price before discounts Design If you want to get a design major, we recommend you to study carefully the classic fields of web design and interior design . Both directions are suitable for beginners you don’t ne drawing skills or special training, because everything you ne is taught in the online school. In addition, you will be able to decide for yourself which areas to develop further in design and how to build a career recruiting or freelancing.

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